Intuitive user friendly interface :

Graphical configurability – Toolbar – FastConnect bar – Local and Graphical directories browser – File associated Icons – Contextuel menus – Own Netscape mini-toolbar …

Secure FTP Sessions

IglooFTP PRO fully supports secure FTP connections through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3), Transport Layer Security (TLS v1), and Stanford SRP protocols. Support of MD4/MD5 encrypted passwords as well as SHA1 encrypted passwords is also offered.

FXP transfers

Transfer files or whole directories from one FTP server to an other using their bandwith.

Full session database management

Tree hierarchical site manager with site groups, where sites can be higly configured, or just use the user defined defaults.

User profile management

URL Clipboard Monitoring

Connecting to a FTP server made as easy as copying an FTP URL in the clipboard.

Enhanced Firewall support

Including built-in SOCKSV5 protocol support with authentication methods, TIS Firewall Toolkit support (ftp-gw), WinGate FTP proxy and SOCKS proxy support as well as WinProxy support and many other firewalls.

Remote Directory Caching

Advanced FTP operations

Local and remote prompt command – Directories creation / deletion – Recursive downloads / uploads / delete / move / chmod – File transfers resume – Symbolic links resolution – Support passive as well as non-passive data connection – Possibility to hide / show hidden file – Anti-idle tool …

QUEUE transfers

With multi-site connections, auto-resume support, as ‘Load’ and ‘Save’ features.

DRAG and DROP facilities


And much, much more…